Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Vegetable is still so cheap

Vegetables in Miri are still cheap, eg, kiucai is still RM2 per kg. This was what I paid 20 years ago.
Stephanie told me that Kangkong costs 7 pounds in UK for a kg. That is RM42 per kg.
The minimum paid is now about 5.50 pounds per hour. So, one has to work for just over an hour to buy 1 kg worth of kangkong. Anyway, kangkong is considered an exotic veggie in UK. It is similar to eating imported brocolli, etc. If comparison is done this way, our low paid labourer has to work one whole day to buy 1 kg!
So, those aspiring youngsters planning to go to UK or overseas, make sure that you eat local veggie/food now before you step on the plane. You will have to eat carrot, cabbage, sprout, tomato, brocolli, etc for the next one year or more! But I missed button muchroom so much. It is so cheap there!

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