Monday, June 29, 2009

Bintang Plaza is growing ...

If you are from Miri, you would have noticed the constant changes around Bintang Plaza and the complex itself. First, there is traffic jam in front of the complex due to the construction, next all the trees in front was taken down. Road is currently being widen. Of course the complex itself doesn't stop growing upward. When completed, it will be another hotel.
I was driving up the car park (on the left of this picture) and noticed a huge traffic jam. Apparently, people are relunctant to go higher up. So, they will wait and wait at the lower floors when the upper floors are quite empty. Anyway, the parking is currently free of charge.
This place appeals to youngster a lot. But with the larger shopping mall, I think many more people will flood there.


flower said...

What I heard the driveway to the multi-storey car park is quite narrow especially the cornering. Is that true? I am afraid and have phobia to drive its heights. Most of the time I park underground.

William said...

flower: It has been a long time since I heard from you!
Yes, like all car park of this type, the path is often quite small. But if you are not driving a bus or big car, it should be ok. Perhaps you would like to say a prayer first!