Friday, July 10, 2009


In my workplace, proficiency of English is a must. Without the ability to speak and write proper English is a huge drawback to career progression. I believe this is the same for every large corporation.
So, after switching to English to teach Maths and Science for a couple of years, we are now reverting back for various reasons. I can see that one of the biggest unhappiness are those from the vernacular educational institution. They have good reason to be unhappy because they have been teaching in their own mother tongue for years and now they are forced to teach in English. There is no logic in it. Besides, they have their own system to be “all rounder” and they won’t blame anyone for their own doing because this was their choice. However, when they go into secondary school, they integrated into the "system" without complain.
In my opinion, teaching of science and maths in secondary school is a must. In vernacular school, they can do what they like. Otherwise, how could a student cope in the university? Also, if they didn’t progress to uni, they are left with BM only. So, what futures have they got? Employability is poor! I felt very sad for our future generation. Please go to Tun Dr. Mahathir’s blog and vote. It would be nice to see the result. It the moment, 77% staying on with English.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

When we were young our teachers taught very simple English and we were totally fluent in the language by the time we were in Primary Six. Thanks to teachers like the late Mr. Wong Kie Mee and Madam Ting Jing Ming (Mother of Chang Jie Ren) a whole generation or two of Sibu children are fluent in English.
It is not difficult if teachers have the heart to teach.
An English speaking mother can help in bringing about a good bunch of kids who are fluent in English. But this does not mean that the kids are any less patriotic.
On the other hand my mother speaks very little English. Yet she encourages all of us to speak good English - and she has 5 graduates amongst us. My father was fluent in 3 languages.
the more languages we know the better it is for Malaysia.

Kong said...

A teacher friend once told me. They are not allowed to teach grammar to their students. Instead, they are told to teach "communication English". Meaning, as long as you can get your message across, it is OK.

For example, it is perfectly OK to say grammatically wrong English. For example, I go coffee drink. I no know (I don't know).

Furthermore, approximately 18 mark will get you a pass in SPM.

flower said...

Using grammars correctly enable speaking good English. Nowadays I find some secondary students and primary pupils misuse English like what is mentioned by Kong above. Simply because pupils and students have inadequate English subjects in schools. If using correct grammars, there should be no problems in speaking good English. It doesn't mean one has to be so fluent in speaking in English like matsalleh. Our modernize man, whom I gonna salute, Tun Mahathir is the one who implemented Maths and Sc six years ago into English to enable kids to cope up with good understanding and speaking of English. It is for the sake of our children who might one day further their studies either in locals or overseas which most of the subjects are taught in English. I just don't understand "why" the government now wants to revert back to BM and make things so messy. Just continue as what it was in the first place, once and for all. Poor children and only make them confusing.

Sir sc said...

It`s quite saddening & anger over inadequate of so call Minister of Education & govt.

Uncle William, people like you in Shell know`s well about this. No good english, forget about getting into Shell Corp. Same goes with Petronas, since when did the O&G industry uses BM as the main communication?
Dont forget, we do have Bruneian which right next to us using English too. Do they bother much about the BM even they are an Islamic country?
Look at Germany, the best country with engineering technology, yes no doubt about it but they are the people who think & but their future not like msia, slouching on sofas, getting money & buying overseas technology rather develop our own.
BM by standard does not have future compared to english.
Its not like French or Japanese.
Your business news are in English, Your Astro channel are in English,
Your FDI people are in English & even dubai too speaks english. Wat else?
Since when BM so grand in international arena?

William said...

I fully agree with all of you. Just checking out Tun's blog and you will see that the majority support more use of English.
Very sad!

Kong said...

No offense to 'flower" but I would like to put the record straight. Here is some news extract:

“When Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) became premier, he reduced the number of English periods and as a whole, the importance of the English language (in schools),” said former National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) deputy secretary-general S Sundralingam.

“However, when he was about to leave (office), he mooted the idea of uplifting English by making science and mathematics subjects to be taught in English. Now it is going back to status quo.

“In fact, education should not be subjected to political pressure,” said Sundralingam, who is also an English teacher.

So what is there to salute?

Kong said...

Assuming we are going to uplift our children English Language proficiency, what is the best way?

To me, teaching in Math and Science is a lousy way to learn English. Also a lousy way to learn Math & Science because these 2 subjects needed a lot of understanding. So it is the worst of both world.

A far better way is to go back to where we were before Tun M messed it up. Make English compulsory! And please, no such things as 18 marks as a pass in SPM.