Friday, July 10, 2009

Do you believe in mentor?

Recently Shell CEO, Peter Voser, was interviewed by Fortune magazine. Shell has move up to become the world largest company in 2009!

I like what he said. So I extracted some and put it here.

"I like to be direct and open. I like to listen and engage with our staff, our investors, customers, partners, and other stakeholders, such as governments. I have a hunger for information. I like vigorous intellectual discussion and then to make firm decisions.
I like to keep things simple and clear in the way I run the company. For me, the execution needs to be competitive. It's about absolute clarity on strategy and what you want on operational performance. It's about focus, speed, and accountability for delivery. Everyone needs to know what is expected of them. You need to measure performance, have resources to deal with the highest priorities, and leave behind anything that isn't necessary to carry."

"Leaders should have vision and conviction. Leaders should set targets. Leaders should develop people. Leaders should be willing to take risks and be themselves. In a job like mine you must have all these qualities.
Getting the best out of every member of your team is essential. You also need to be able to drive accountability but at the same time empower people and foster localized entrepreneurialism.
You mustn't lose yourself in detail, that's one of the biggest challenges you have as a CEO of a company this size. You need to make sure you can operate with less information and still make decisions. You need to get the waste out of your system, and actually focus on those things you really need to deliver."

Have you had important mentors? Who are they? How specifically did they influence you?
"I don't believe in having mentors. I learn from everyone -- internally and externally to get the best view. I like the contact. It has to be real with real people. I need to be out there and hear what's on people's minds.
In terms of Shell being influenced by others, I get concerned when some suggest we are moving to be like another company. Culture is not a copy game. Our DNA is our DNA. You can't change the DNA of a company but you can optimize it."
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