Friday, July 03, 2009

Premier Clinic

Columbia Asia Medical Centre has started a new clinic next to the main building. It is directly above Dr. Roland Mattu Clinic. It is opened to the public. So anyone can go there. They started their business at 7:00AM. I believe the majority of customers are from SSB. The afternoon is for appointment only.
The apple green colour is very pleasing to the eye. However, the flat panel TV on the wall needs tuning.
Two friendly staff are always there to serve you...
This is the entrance at the first floor. It gave you an immediate "clean" look


^SpRInG^ said...

how about the charge? I'm sure that's one of the main concerns of people who is considering a visit to the clinic right? ;)

flower said...

I am around but was quite busy last week. I lent my hands helping my 2nd daughter to get some stuffs and packed her personal belongings, body medical check-up and x-ray at the Premier Clinic which your have just posted. She entered into the Uni M'sia Sabah last saturday after completing a year programme in Matriculations Labuan in April this year. Really didn't have time to surf net. So I have a lot to catch up.

I simply love the apple green comfortable chairs. Its environment is refreshing, clean and tidy indeed. I didn't know it is opened to the public. If I am not mistaken, 7am - 8am is walk-in. Thereafter is on appointment til 4pm right? Doctors, nurses and receptionists are friendly. Yea, the wall hanging TV receives poor signal and picture causing one's eyes irritating.