Sunday, June 14, 2009

Red Crescent Int'l Dance for Humanity (I)

This afternoon, I went to the Red Crescent International Dance for Humanity and took some photos of the event. More photos to come...
Chung Hua Secondary School international standard brass band... fantastic performance!
These girl also play stunt!
Performance by Kindergarten student... cute!
At the peak of the belly dance...
Kelvin ... I know he is good but didn't know that he is that good!
This is from our Indian community ... graceful dancer!
Opera Performance...
Methodist District Praise Dance - about 130 people!
Performance by Jiran Wanita KRT Taman Hilltop.
Another piece from Kelvin.
Lion dance by Chung Hua Secondary School ...
. More photos to follow... come back soon!


sarawakiana said...

Thank goodness you have some photos to show the event. Many of us were at the Eye Checking Volunteer training session!!

So again...this year miss the international show!

More on Kevin please.

William said...

sarawakiana: Ya, you missed it. A pity. Most items were really good. I will have to find out a way to post all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

this shot super good!


Kelvin Bong said...

Hello LaoBan, my name is Kelvin, not Kevin oh....hehe...thanks for the pictures! I like it so much!

William said...

ghostie: Thanks for your compliment. I like that shot very much as well. I will visit your album soon.

Kelvin: Aiya... still call me LaoBan! Can I run a story for you one of these days?

Kelvin Bong said...

LaoBan always LaoBan ma, hehe.. Sure, feel free to contact me. Hope you still keep my email add. ^_^

Anonymous said...

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