Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coffee Bean coming to Miri Airport

The Coffee Bean is now opening in Miri Airport inside the departure hall. Yesterday, I noticed that the construction is now almost completed.
I seldom drink Coffee bean as I think it is too expensive. However, I think it is quite nice.
Famous Amos is also there...
... and Diamoney Jewellery. So, if decide to propose to your girlfriend or buy your wife a "diamond" ring, just drop in there ... got 70% off now! By the way, those "diamonds" are synthetic, ie, artificial diamond called cubic Zirconia.
Oh... finally this Acer advert in the Airport is very interesting. The two buildings in the poster - one Shell and another Petronas.


all3cool said...

u mean inside the departure hall?? there's one outside..downstairs, right?

William said...

all3cool: yes, inside the departure hall. yes, there is already one downstairs outside.