Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red Crescent Int'l Dance for Humanity (IV)

More photos from the above event. There are many more to be posted. If you don't find any of your photo here, please do let me know. I know I have skipped a few performances at the front.

If you want to order a DVD of all the photos, please e-mail me at williamting@
or sms me on 012 878 2007.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Well done again!

Anonymous said...

Really like to photos of ladies with little drums....

D3 really perform awesomely under this type of situation and lighting condition!

I wonder if anyone with Canon 1D out there can outperform this?


William said...

When I shoot directly into powerful spotlight, the metering is still accurate. Also, there is hardly any noticeable flare. This is what D3 amazes me.
It took me about six months to know how to use my camera and spend another six months to exploit those functions. And I am still finding new features. Well, I didn't really read thru the 1 inch thick manual carefully.