Thursday, June 18, 2009

Never too old to dance (V)

The dancers at the Red Crescent International Dance for Humanity consisted of people of all ages.
See... she is as graceful as the young dancer!
... their movements are perfect, well at least to me!
... look at Mr. Wong, I think dancing definitely keeps him slim and young!
... I bet they can dance round the clock! More of these please!
More photos to follow... keep coming back!


Anonymous said...

Thanks William, you really got great shots on dancers, especially movements.

I bet u can get some for competition.

who knows you may win?
from a dancer of Mary-Belly/1st Step

SimonKho said...
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SimonKho said...

Hooray to William! Captured such nice shots of us there.

Our "lao shi" (teacher) is not "lao" (old) afterall~! See how well he spins his partner that the skirts flies high~! So~~~ cute~!

But do let me make some correction here, Mr. Wong sure can rock around the clock, and the red lady's partner sure can be his "Candyman"~! :)

Thanks for helping us to take such nice photos.

From: First Step student :)

William said...

Anonymous: Thanks. Not sure what to choose.

Simon: Hahaha... they all did a fantastic job on the floor. I am so impressed...... amazing!

Anonymous said...

HI William,

Jus take ur time to choose your most favourite + most confident artwork.

I'm glad that you really caught great shots on dancers' moves. This is wat digital camera and handphone camera can hardly make it, and you did it with your fantastic cam.

Your pics tells lots of great stories.

from a dancer of Mary-Belly/1st Step

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see photos of diff perspectives and shot through diff eyes...
I am struggling to post my photos of the event, as my Streamyx is really too slow to upload too many pics...hence decide to put most of them in DVD and sell it to those who want.