Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Team Won a New Car

Toyota Hilux Rainforest Challenge road show is in town. So, after much pestering by Jos, I brought him there at about 4:25PM. They started off by doing sand colouring.
... there are prizes to be won. Anything with prizes will motivate Jos!
Toyota brought in professional people to organise the show. The clown made sculptur balloon to be given away.
... the work by the kids...
... while they are busy "colouring", I went off to look for the "black beauty"... it turns out to be grey!
Those were the children taking part in colouring. Treasure hunt will start at 6:10PM and I decided to go home first. We rush back there at 5:45PM arriving in time to participate. The grand prize was a brand new Toyota Altis! We actually saw the objects and planned with the kids on the strategy to win...
As expected, we found the most number of balloon stick... at 18. The next one had 8. So we were declare winner and the happy winner went to collect a brand new Toyota Altis remote controlled car!
Runner up also get some prizes.
In addition, we have free hamburger and drink after registration!
This event is more like a family day. So, if you have not been there, quickly go and have fun! You will win some prizes for the kids and treat yourself to a test drive of any Toyota car. Wah... I sound like advertising for UMW!


chchoo said...

Uncle William, I thought you won a real car, :), Maybe next time.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hehehe....your family does have a winning streak....want to adopt an old mother?

William said...

Choo: Thanks... so far this is the2nd model car we won!

Sarawakiana@2: hahaha.... old mum?

FM Luder said...

Nice win! My only remote controlled car got stamped on after two days because I wouldn't let me sibling play with it!!!

I bet you're having more fun than your boys with this toy ;)