Sunday, June 21, 2009

Miri Blood Donor Night

Malaysian Red Crescent, Miri Chapter Blood Donors' Night, and Celebrating 20 years of 100% voluntary blood donation was officiated by our YB George Chan on 20 June 2009.
I was one of the 15 pints certificate recipients. Actually I have achieved 18 pints now! When I was small, I was warned by my mother never to give blood because it will make me sick! Actually, it is all untrue. I waited for too long to donate my first pint because I was scare that my mother will scold me. Anyway, I never let her knew about it! So, if you have not already started to donate blood, start now for such a good cause because you actually save life.
A cake to mark the occasion... 20 years of 100% voluntary blood donation. I wonder what happen before that?! I remembered that the recipient of blood had to find their own donor. Really is that even today, donating blood by some races is still a taboo. This is very sad when I read the true case of a brother who even refuse to undergo blood test for possible bone marrow transplant to his own brother!
Blowing the candles...
There were performances... this was an interesting one... Chinese cultural dance by or Malay friend! Good job!
Of course there was a 6-course dinner. It was disappointing. In fact, such dinner at Eastwood Golf Club had never been good. The portions were small and worse, expensive! Also, the dishes are always the same. My table had 6 people only and the food was hardly enough.
Cultural dances ...
Rose donated 28 pints in a year!
She is the youngest at 19 and has donated 2 pints! Good job and keep it up!
The highest number of pint donated went to John at 100 pints!


chchoo said...

I tabik you Uncle William. Don't complain about the food lar, I know you were there not because of the food. Next time we organize annual dinner at PBC, and I will ask them to make you a Super-SIZE order, OK.

William said...

Choo: hahaha... you are right. PBC also cannot cope with big crowd!