Tuesday, May 05, 2009

In Desperation

Our Snowie (a name given by Joshua although she is nowhere to snow like), a six months old puppy and bitch, is/was on heat!! So, she has many desperate "boy friends"! So the male dogs would find all ways to get into our compound. Some would get in but desperate to get out when I got upset with them (they bark and fight non-stop leh!) and chased them with a stick!
This "boy" tried to get out but the drain was blocked. One tried to get in but the head got stuck in-between the gate. So, he yelled for one hour at 3:00AM. I was really angry!
So, this boy was figuring out how to get out across to the other side...
How? The zinc sheet is taller than him!
Try anyway...
Oh man... he poked his nose into the rusty link chain fence (25 years old fence), biting and pushing...
... and finally got through!
By the way, the above black dog has now become very friendly with us! He is lingering around the house, "protecting" his new "girl friend"! We suspect that Snowie is now pregnant!
Oh, you may start to book for free puppy now! I am sure there will be some black ones!


Merryn said...

then u can name the puppies 'charcoal'! LOL!

dougie said...

next time Snowie is on heat, then a catapult might come in usefull, for warding off amorous friends?
(can not let the mutts see who is 'firing' at them, as they will then know from where the danger lies (covert!))


sarawakiana said...

Can I book a black one ?

mousie said...

the black dog is so cute.. haha

William said...

Merryn: Thanks for your suggestion. They will be called charcoal, Charky, Blackie, Darkie ... LOL

Dougie: May not help at all! If they got hurt, I also felt the pain. Also, they may get stuck everywhere and I have to disentangle for them.

Sarawakiana: Sure... one for you.

mousie: Shall we keep the big black dog? It stays at our place now... but don't know for how long.