Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ah Jon Coping with CML

I have created a new blog to record all the events for Ah Jon coping with his CML. In this way, I hope that that blog is more focused. Also, it can be a learning and sharing of information for other sufferer.
Click here to jump to the new blog:
Also, there will be a entry under "family links".


sarawakiana said...

I really think that this blog-documentation would be a boon to readers and other fellow sufferers.

Great job as a father!! GBU.

I hope all his friends will also come in to give moral support.

chchoo said...

Uncle William, you have demonstrated a great fatherhood, as well as someone who genuinely care about others. I am sure the blog will benefit alot of people.

What you are doing is really meaningful and I am touched.

William said...

sarawakiana: Thanks for your encouragement. His classmates are indeed helping him.

chchoo: Thanks for your encouragement. I hope other will benefit from it through sharing of my experiences.