Monday, April 20, 2009

Update From KL

We left Miri on Saturday and went straight to Normah to see Dr. Lau. I have to credit him for being a very caring and understanding doctor. He wrote a letter of referral and prepared all the necessary document for us to see Dr. Ng of Sime Darby Medical Centre (Formally Subang Medical Centre) in Subang Jaya.
On Saturday afternoon, we visited Jasmine and family and talked to great length about prayers and deliverance.
We arrived in KL at 8:30PM and checked into Times Square Hotel an hour later. The taxi driver sent us to Times Square Shopping Mall. He sent us there either he didn't know or done on purpose. How could he not know what the customer want? Well, it shows the quality of the airport taxi service! If they are not speeding, they sent the customer to the wrong place! LOL! Sorry to generalise here. You may get better service if you are lucky. Whenever I could, I took the train.
On Sunday, we went to DUMC for the morning worship. I met many pastors there .. Ps Margaret, Ps Soo, Ps Chris, Ps Michael. In the afternoon, Ah Jon visited his forum friends at Sunway Pyramic. Emily/Gan brough us there. Thanks to them! In the evening, we were at Lowyat and "look see" until Ah Jon legs could carry him no more!
Mon 20: We got up early, ok, 6:00AM, in preparation for breakfast and then took a taxi to the Medical centre here.
We arrived at 8:15AM and there was a big crowd already. The clinic won't be open until 8:30AM. Anyway, we had registered ourselves and waiting for Dr. Ng to be ready to see us from 10:00AM as he needs to make his daily morning round!
So, now, we are waiting and thanks God that there is network here!


Merryn said...

r u still waiting? hopefully everything will be ok..

UPP00 said...

a friend of jon here, wishing him all the best and may he be blessed by god so that he can get through this.

William said...

anonymous: Thanks.

Merryn: He is now on medication. I hope he responses well.

UPP00: Thanks for your encouraging words. Appreciated.