Sunday, March 29, 2009

Utterly irresponsible & reckless people

I was in Public Bank (next to KFC) yesterday using the ATM. While looking out of the glass window, I saw the following:
The cover to the manhole which is located in the middle of the road had been recklessly removed. The hole must be 1.5'x1' and it is extremely dangerous to motorbike. If a motorbike wheel ever go in, the rider would be serious hurt or killed.
Why should people remove such a cover? They are now almost worthless for the metal. I felt very upset whenever I saw irresponsible citizen doing such a thing.
I suppose this is a failure of the 11 years of moral studies which is compulsory for every student.


bliss said...
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FM Luder said...

I think peer pressure from one bad apple in a group can cause this sort of thing. Often down to irresponsible parenting, rather than a school lesson/course that even the 'nice' kids don't really think is worth paying attention to!

It reminds me of sex education in this country - if it's so important, why are there ever-increasing teenage pregnancies? The lessons at school are often not taken seriously because of their nature. Parents need to take more responsibility. It's not BAD parenting or BAD parents as such, I think some just need advice or helping hands to make sure they're teaching their kids morals and responsibility correctly.

William said...

bliss... I thought what you said is quite good. ANyway, you have chosen to remove it!

Fox: Sex edu seem to be a good idea. But the problem is that pornography is so easily available that it is difficult to tell the kids not to try it. It is like a wonderful banquet laid out on the table and the host spend the next few days explaining nutrition! What is on the minds of the kids is to taste it without all the theories.

FM Luder said...

That's true! But maybe this is the price to pay living in an open society (?).

I think some countries won't have this problem because either their parents traditionally enforce the rules or religion stops them from sleeping together.

In countries like ours (I guess moreso UK than Malaysia?) it is perceived as 'cool' to go out and have sex young. There are always adverts here on the car radio about the dangers of not using contraception - but what type of audience is this more likely to reach in rush hour during weekday mornings - normal working people on their way to work or school kids?

Even so, I still think parents are mostly responsible for their children's actions. Teaching morals might never work in schools - when kids are with their friends, they will never take this sort of thing seriously, e.g. sex education. I think this is where parenting has to come in. I may sound harsh towards any parents, but having children always comes with responsibility...