Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miri "renovation" updates

The title of this blog sounds like Miri is being renovated. But in reality, Miri has gone through major changes over the last few years.
Old shops had been pulled down...
This is the latest "casualty" to "modernisation"... See that the shops are now "hollow".
Workers were hard at work plastering the walls...
... in order to look like this ...
Outside town, we have a mega mall being built just opposition Mosjaya shopping town.


mousie said...

so sad that the old miri is gone... I don't like the new buildings... doesn't give character to miri...

FM Luder said...

Yup, I can imagine it's sad. Hopefully it'll help boost economy and jobs though.

William said...

mousie, ya, you are right.

Fox: It will boost job for the foreign workers to build the new shops. Government economy - yes due to more development rates and others. Personal economy - some went bankrupt!

Sir sc said...

its sad, but i does see its a good thing to do at this time.

the safety issue is now addressed. the new facades doesnt look bad after & easily rendered with cement.

a cleaner, proper environment for retail it should be.

by nature, miri come from a wooden shoplots and due to modernism; things have change, the way how we do our retails.
here and there megamalls.
just look at KL itself, how many megamalls really in term has the long term fusion of sales?
Times square- after 6th floor all empty.
pavillion- nice design but only if yu are earning RM5k onwards & or etc.
megamalls is not all people want.
having drink by the side of the roads still our history.
we dont have something what paris or london has to offer. but this design help to redefine the works needed interm of future building of retail area.

hopefully this helps to increase the value chain of the miri retail economy.