Monday, March 09, 2009

UK Scholarships

There are scholarship available for Malaysian Students. Please do apply if you have the aspiration to go overseas. Don't give up before trying!

(A) British Council: Scholarships

(B) Jardine Full Scholarships at Cambridge and Oxford

(C) British Chevening Scholarships for 2009/ 2010

(D) Imperial Collage London Masters In Petroleum Engineering Scholarships


claire said...

Hi William..thanks for the info.. my son is waiting for his results which will be out on the 12th.. he is still searching for colleges to go .. interested in Electronics engineering... i cannot afford to send him overseas and I pray that he can study somewhere locally where it is not too expensive ...

William said...

He may consider doing pre-U in one of the local uni. I am not sure who is offering those pre-u. After that, he can progress to the uni.
You can also find out about Uni TAR. Perhaps, this is the cheapest u.
Appreciate comment from others who read this post.... thanks.