Sunday, March 08, 2009

Curtin University, Miri, 2009 Orientation Nite

Last night (7-Mar-2009), Curtin University of Technology had their 2009 intake orientation night at KRP (Petroleum Recreation Club), former KSL.
(Note: As all the photos were taken in extreme low light, it is best that you click on the three thumbnail photos below for a higher resolution version. )
Since Ah Jon is a new student, he was invited. So, around 9:00PM, I went over to pick him and at the same time, have a look to see what they were doing.
All the light were switched off except the strip of blue disco light. I took the opportunity to take some pictures.

They were busy "solo dancing" to "show off" and I think to win some prizes also. I thought the crowd had gone wild! But, really, I think they had a good time there!

Cheering from the floor... to keep the excitement going. Ok, since I was rather busy, I have to leave quickly.
... and our handsome Ah Jon took a picture with his best friend Lawrence ... another leng zai (handsome boy)!


FM Luder said...

Ah Jon definitely resembles his father!

William said...

FM Luder.... haha you noticed it?! I look like that when I was at his age.

Suhas Tadas said...

Are your a regular blogger? I am Suhas Tadas, from Curtin aswell. i am shooting a documentary on citizen journalism (bloggers) and am looking for interested bloggers to appear in the documentary. Are you interested? if so, contact me on 0128457423

William said...

Suhas Tadas,
Yes, I blog almost every day. I will call you or you can write me an e-mail - check my profile for my e-mail address.