Monday, February 16, 2009

The price of City Status

Since Miri became city status in May 2005, we have two new flyovers. One in Pujut (between Boulevard and SESCO) and another one in town in front of St. Joseph Primary School . They are supposed to relieve traffic jam. Unfortunately...

... the one in town is causing the jam (during peak time) from the bridge all the way to the traffic light at Bintang Plaza which is about half a km long. What is the reason?
I am only suspecting this:
  1. With city status, we must have city status highway. So exits must be closed so that traffic flow can be smooth;
  2. Cars trying to enter Bintang Plaza queued up to two or sometimes three lanes spilling into our "highway", thus causing "constipation".
  3. Slow drivers who take their sweet time to cross the traffic light.
Any more other thoughts? You may comment.


RW FINE ART said...

being crown city or town or bandaraya / metropolis or watever.... we NEED overhead bridges at several crucial points notably Mosjaya, Boulevard, Post Offfice - Miri High Court and several places more. i visited Sibu and Kuching between 1994-1997 i noticed that these cities have many overhead bridges than miri. now miri is a bandaraya; and we only have one so far.

Ian said...

The problem is lack of a "ring road" or a true "bypass" which takes us around the city center via the sub-urban area. The current Padang Kerbau bypass is a joke, and anything else built with true Malaysian Boleh Spirit, works only half way.

Put it this way; we need a road with direct access from Baram/Brunei that takes us straight to the Airport, with off-ramps along the way turning into the city via various points; Pujut, Boulevard, Pelita, Town Center and finally Morsjaya. This would definitely ease traffic!!

As for the problem with having to go through the hill... well, that's the engineer's department.

Ian said...

I meant "and like anything else" instead of "and anything else" (see above).

Anyway, the flyovers don't work now because they did things the wrong way round. They should've done the Baram-Airport bypass first before building the very expensive flyovers.

Just imagine people from Brunei,Baram,Pujut,Piasau (all piasaus), Lutong (all the Lutongs), Senadin, Permy, etc. all sharing the same road! This goes for the other end as well (riam, morsjaya, airport, bumiko etc, etc, etc) as you can imagine the congestion.

HBK said...

Not only highways need to be good, the exits on the highways or main roads need to be flowing as well.

Otherwise, there'll be long queues of cars waiting to exit the highways. So no point having too many flyovers or what sort.

Like Ian said, a ring road alternative is the way to go to by-pass city.

sarawakiana said...

Building a flyover is certainly a joke - it is a raised road. The traffic flow is still heavy and the bottlenecking is still there.

The traffic must be diverted towards ring roads and by passes. Miri has only one way in and one way out. How can these thoroughways carry all the increasing volumes!!

I think if a high rise building catches fire in the city centre even the fire engine cannot get through.

I often get stuck in the traffic for half an hour because no one wants to give way. Lack of courtesy or Malaysia boleh or Malaysians do not see anything wrong attitude.

Again some drivers even flirt in their cars and drive at 5 kph!!

How can we become city folks?

chchoo said...

miri is a small "city", i suggest that we build cycling path so that everyone can choose to cycle "safely" if they choose to. be more healthy and energy-smart.

FM Luder said...

There's a kind of 'science' to traffic jams. I think it is slow drivers mixed with fast drivers and light-jumpers.

If you think about a set of lights and cars approaching... the fast ones will pile up and reach there when really they have no right to do so. There can be slow drivers in front of them making this worse (and I don't mean the ones who simply stick to the limit - how it should be).

Therefore we have queues at lights - whereby this queue can block up others trying to get onto that road and therefore cause further tailbacks. I see this EVERY day without failure! Especially school traffic.

I know there are a lot of cars on the roads as it is and I'd happily see that number reduced, but I don't think it's the sole cause - more often than not, it's the drivers who got their licence from a packet of Coco Pops.

City said...

FM Luder - Agreed with the driver thing, but then again, Miri city is actually one really long line, spanning about roughly 30km from one end to another, but can be as narrow as 3km. Weird shape for a city.

Think about it - going from one end to another, via only *one* major bottleneck road?

The problem a lot more than drivers.

flower said...

wil, not only slow drivers who take their sweet time to cross the traffic light. some inconsiderate drivers also take their sweet time on their right lane. big signboard on the roadside says "IKUT KIRI JIKA TIDAK MEMOTONG", but still drivers treat it as invisible. Yea, i mentioned earlier, entrance into bintang plaza is always congested and can occupy up to the two lanes especially weekends.