Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Hometown #2 Limbang ... Continue

This blog is a continuation from my previous entry.
There is not much change to this market.

This one is adjacent to the pork market.

This man is cutting up a trunk of a type of wild palm tree. The core is bitter sweet and make very nice soup. The native open market (tamu) is now moved across the road. I am just wondering... there are traders everywhere and yet Limbang is so small. I think our visitors from across the border really help with the businesses in Limbang.

I know this is wild produce but have never eaten before.

Wild durian on the floor, amongst other fruits.

This is huge fresh water clam. This reminded me instantly about my childhood days when this thing was in abundant. I used to "harvest" by the bucket from the riverbank. They were hiding just below the mud and we use a parang (long knife) to "scratch" the mud and if we hear sound, we just stop and used our hand to "catch" them.

On Sunday, we visited Limbang Methodist Church and the choir presented.

We took a photo with the new Pastor Wong.

One thing unique about this church is that they have a canteen below and they sell cooked food to the congregation. This is a way to raise fund as well. By the way, the cook is the daughter of my cousin.

Another thing very unique about this church is that it has a small pond where they rear fish. The pond has a continuous flowing water and therefore the quality of the fish is very good.

Limbang Ling Kwang Methodist Church.

The "new" part of Limbang town and the indoor Tamu opposite.

This is the new Tedungan (going into Brunei) immigration check point. I hope it will open soon. It should help with the traffic on Limbang side. But on the Brunei side, there is no change.


Kenny Ngu said...

so many durian :O) Thanks for sharing :O)

Borneo Falcon said...

Never been to Limbang before