Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My blog was featured

See Hua daily news featured three blogs from Miri who blogged about the landslide. They are, ... landslide/ and my blog.
Thanks to See Hua for their positive comments.

A brief translation:
Discussion of landslide by blogger.
In three days, there were more than 14K word hit on Miri landslide.
Their comments about the bloggers:
Blog contents are short, clear and very professionally written. Photography technique is of professional standard - very clear and good angle. The quality of the photos can never be seen in main steam media.
p/s. I came across a reader commented that some irresponsible drivers stop indiscriminately to take photographs or just to kaybo (busy body). As for me, safety first (indoctrinated by my company already!). I made a huge round to park my car away from traffic and then walk to the site to take photos for my blog and that was 7:00AM.


Ian said...

Hey, nice.

As for stopping, well I didn't stop the car abruptly, I had someone help take the pics from the passenger side. Since it was a massive jam and I was going nowhere, there's no need to stop abruptly and take the pics either.

Although I'll admit my photos aren't as clear as yours and's as that morning I was on a hurry to a friend's wedding.

Kenny Ngu said...

yes, exactly what i saw the newspaper. :O)