Friday, November 28, 2008

1 Plus Organic Store Opening

After months of talking and planning, Eric finally opened his first Organic food store. Everything is from his garden.

Today is his opening and we went down during lunch to visit him. He called in all his neighbours and friends to help out...

His special fruit juice.

His neighbour is helping out... see how happy are they!

Dehydrated fruit .... tasted wonderful!

Home grown pineapple

Fruit salad meal

Nice presentation... yesterday during their opening, this is given away free to all visitors.
By the way, the fruit salad meal varies according to the fruit season.


janice said...

daddy 'planned' or planted a lily? hehe :P

William said...

hehehe... Janice, my eyes were half close last night when I posted this. Ya... I planted the lily!

Kong said...

Nice name. Looks very modern setup aka McDonald et al. With 1 in 3 having cancer nowadays and 50% of which are preventable by lifestyle chance, I am sure more would embrace organic food.