Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Good old days
When we were young, we hardly took any photo. We only had enough money to buy food and book. But then, I got RM1.00 a week as pocket money which I seldom use. This is translated to RM10-15 in today's money. I remembered that one large meat pau must be about 20 cents as compared to RM2.50 now if it is of the same size and quality.
Taking photo was a luxury at that time. And talking about camera, I had no idea what was that and I could only remember the huge studio camera which was made in China.
My first camera was a Kodak Instantmatic which was made of plastic and used "126" cartridge film. I took one roll of photos (24 of them) and the result was so disgusting that I never touch that camera again. That must be in 1970. Later my brother-in-law "gave" me an Olympus which used half frame 36 mm, ie, 72 shots from a roll of 36-exposure film. This camera took very good quality photos and was quickly confiscated by him because his nephew used it to take naked pictures of children using my name!
I complained to my parents and my brothers quickly went to Labuan and brought back a huge Yashica top viewing camera using 120 film. To me, that was the beginning of "real photography" because I suddenly realised that I didn't have money to buy film and process photos. Then, being enterprising, I figured that if I can process my own photos, I could make some money and also support my hobby. So, I went off to buy an enlarger, some chemical and paper.... (to be continued)

This is the only family photo my parents took. I figured that it must be taken in 1961. My youngest sister was not yet born. My eldest and third sisters were not in the photo as they were married!


claire said...

wow.. u can scan yr family pic there.. haha.. i would like to scan too..wait till i have a scanner.. talking about old days really bring back good memories..somehow suddenly, I miss them very much.. we were so innocent then..
hey, do come by visit me more often.. in my blog, i mean..hehe

Phil said...

My parents always insist that they feel sorry for me because I didn't get to see the 70s! I believe them actually... waiting for a time travelling machine to be invented =)