Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Down memory lane of old IT Technology (3) - Today, I will feature storage devices
In fact, there are so many different types of storage devices developed over the last 30 years. This entry is just the beginning. For some of the devices, you need to see to believe.

The big round one is the oldest form of tape storage. How much data? It is 6250cpi (ie, it can store only 6250 bytes per inch. If I am not mistaken, each tape was 2400 feet long by 0.5 inch thick. Later, more exotic tape media came to the market with various storage capacity. This was mostly because of "desktop" type of equipment. So you can see here the various shape and size of tape devices.

The early CD ROM requires skill to load the media...

The CD was placed on a "clipper", inserted it into the holder. Then the complete holder was place in the drive. The drive cost more than RM1000.

Magnetic disk had come a long way. This platter was 14 inch across and can store an amazing 10MB of data!

See... the platter requires special housing.

The magnetic disk came in "hard disk", "semi hard" and rigid form. Storage capacities vary. My most interesting collection is an 8" floppy disk used by the good old Wang Word processor!

This is an optical disk, which is 12 inches across! I think the capacity is 512MB. It can of course do read write.

The old optical R/W disk. Each of these cost about RM100! Capacity? I can't remember. It is either 256 or 512 M bytes.

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Phil said...

That certainly is a trip down memory lane! I remember when ZIP drives first came out, my Dad typically thought it was amazing, bought a few and never used them!

Those little cassette tapes used to be the bain of my life in my old job - the tapes kept jamming whenever I did scheduled backups... I wonder if it was something to do with "DELL" written on them =)