Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No Frills Airline

I received an e-mail from Air Asia today that they are starting to charge check-in baggage. Of course this is their excuses to make more money. Their excuse is "Lighter Planes=Less Fuel=Low Fares". However, how do they explain the 40% discount if you pre-purchase?

Below is part of the e-mail:

It's Green, It's Fair - Pay for what you use
Lighter Planes = Less Fuel = Low Fares

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why are airlines moving towards changing either weight or pieces for checked baggage?

With airlines moving towards an 'ala carte' pricing structure, people have found it acceptable to pay for services that they choose to purchase, just as they have accepted paying for meals. By charging a baggage handling fee, passengers will bring only what they need, making the system more efficient for everyone and lower costs for the airlines.

2. What is checked baggage allowance?

Each passenger is permitted to check-in a maximum weight as personal checked baggage.

3. What is the maximum weight for checked baggage?

Each passenger is allowed up to 15kg of checked baggage, free of charge. Baggage exceeding 32kg will not be accepted.

4. What is a Checked Baggage Handling Fee?
A fee incurred for each piece of checked baggage per one way.

5. When will a Checked Baggage Handling Fee apply?
For every item/bag that is accepted by us for carriage in the hold of the aircraft.

6. What are the charges for the checked Baggage Handling Fee per piece per one way?
There are two different charges. One that can be purchased at a discounted rate and another at an airport rate.

Ok, let's entertain ourselves before boarding:

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