Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mid Brain Activation Class/Blindfold reading
Today, we have some 25 students. The number is just about right. We have 2 main trainers and 3 helpers. The class will run for 1.5 days. At the end of Saturday (5 April), there are many students who could read/write blindfolded after their mid brains are activated. See pictures below.
Tomorrow (6 April 2008, Sunday), there will be another half day of training. From 11:00AM to 1:00PM it is opened to parents or public. So if you are interested to see, do drop by (Pustaka, Miri. Audio Video Room, first floor, left) during those hours. I will be there. Seeing is believing.

Mid Brain Activation Class in Progress. We have 25 students. Just about the correct number!
Michelle is amazing. After a day of training, she can draw/write blindfolded.
See what she did!
Many other students also do the same when they saw Michelle could do it!


Anonymous said...

Hi William
I would like more information
about the method

whimsical borneo said...

is blindfold reading biblical? any basis in calling the practice occultic? would blindfold reading allow kids to 'cheat' in exams?

Anonymous said...

Hi William
Are you alright now ?
Did you get my last email ?