Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happening Friday 01 Feb

Chinese new year is just round the corner. It seems that Chinese New Year arrives earlier and the mood of the celebration doesn't seem to be there until last week.

Yesterday afternoon, we were caught in the traffic jam in town. The council had closed off one of the roads. It was so very frustrating as we were rushing back to the office.

Gone to JPJ to pay road tax. It was a Friday and the counter was closed until 2:15PM. We were told that we could pay by credit card but when I enquired about it, the person who operate the credit card machine wouldn't be available until 3:30PM. The way JPJ work is strange. Why do they advertise that we can pay by credit card when the service is not always available? This sort of attitude is sickening.

In the evening, our Cell Group organised a Pot Bless Pre CNY dinner. We had a good time of fun and fellowship. Click to see the Photos

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