Wednesday, February 06, 2008

2008 Chinese New Year, Miri
It seems that there are less people in the market this year. But then, I didn't go out last night to see the fun! However, traffic jam in town was worse off compared to previous year. [Post note: Businessmen in town confirmed that the business this year was better.]
Talking about rising cost, can you imagine paying RM15 for one bundle of “sparkling” firework stick? My better half said she won’t even pay RM5 for them!

The high cost could be due to the many containers of firework being confiscated by the custom department. But on the other hand, I have been hearing firework every night for the past few days. Ok, let’s see what is happening tonight.

Year of the rat. You see rat everywhere.

This is becoming annual thingy now. I saw this "prosperity god" for the last two/three years.

"Lu Kam" was priced at only RM1.80/KG (28p/KG) at Boulevard and I think this must be the cheapest ever!

Vochelle Chocolate has also joined many other companies in the “deceiving” or the so-called “look good” packaging. The box was beautiful and huge but the content was two tiny 50 gm bags of choc coated nuts. I suspect the packing costs more than the value of the food.

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