Thursday, December 17, 2015

8 Brocades Qigong Practice 健身气功 - 八段锦

This is the 健身气功 - 八段锦 and the explanation here is very detail. The video shows 2 hours but actually, the second hour is a repeat of the first and without sound.
The first 11 minutes give details of the history behind this exercise. I think it is very good to know.

We are currently doing this at Bulatan Park, Miri, at 8:15AM.

The first two videos are in Chinese and the third one below is in English.

This one below is like the one above minus the introduction.

 The video below is in English.

This one is a step by step in Chinese

After you learn all the finer detail, use the one below for day a to day guide.
So, if you want to skip the introduction and explanation , go straight to this one below. But, I do recommend you to go through the introduction first especially if you are a first timer!

One done by Shaolin master... I like this one.
 For lots of exercise idea, visit this National Fitness Resource of China.

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