Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Leaky pipes ...

After 30 years, the water and gas pipes are giving way. The nastiest one is behind the bathtub. And finally, I removed the useless bathtub... 
Removing the bathtub is not a real big issue. But removing the over engineered support around the bathtub is big issue. After a week, I still can't remove the support for the bathtub.
 ... These are the tools I use. I think what I really is a jack hammer!
 Hot and cold pipes feeding the shower and bathtub. Both pipes are seriously corroded.
 The cold water pipe running horizontally across is the cold water pipe which is also corroded.
The corrosion for the hot water is so bad that  the whole pipe is almost severed.

So, having said all these, how do you know that your gas or water pipe systems are having issues?

1. Water or gas bill is increasing every month although there is no change to usage pattern
2. Water pump is frequently switched on
3. Gas or water meters are moving even though there is no usage

How to spot where the leak is?
For gas, it is very difficult! Perhaps, during heavy rain, you may spot bubbling water. However, your nose could be your best gas detector.
For water, look out for wet spot or pool of water which suddenly appear.

For concealed pipes, look out for wet ceiling, wet concrete wall or localised wet soil.

To repair, perhaps it is better to get in profession and replace the whole system rather than follow what I have been doing. I found that copper piping do corrode over time. I will never use concealed piping system again. It looks good but the problem it is giving is simply not worth it!

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Anonymous said...

Mr Ting, firstly congratulate you being a faithful plumber. Nobody can afford to employ your work too! :)

Learnt a lot from you through the corroting pipes. Indeed not healthy for drinking though bathing can sound bad too!