Thursday, April 04, 2013

Huge problem with concealed piping system

Concealed water piping system seems to be very popular for a very long time. But, after just about 20 years of usage, concealed piping is giving so many problems that I wish it was surface piping from the start.
We have a water bill of RM26 today whereas the norm was less than RM10. So I knew that the leak within the wall at the kitchen is getting very serious.
I broke open the plaster and found a serious leak. I have no choice but to repair it. At the meantime, I applied a temporary fix.
It seems that even with copper tubing, it won't last more than 20 years. Problems started appearing so many years ago and now, my house is full of patches due to leaky pipe.
So, if ever, I will never use conceal piping again. It is simply too problematic. Not worth the trouble!
There is another leak under the bathtub and that would be my next repair work!

If you are in the United States and would need brass compression fitting, you may try Gruner.


janice said...

daddy should just demolish the whole house and build one again. It sounds like the house is breaking apart

William said...

HAHA, Janice, at the moment, we will not do anything about it... just repair will do. Building new ones is very expensive.

Gayle Manning said...

Copper is usually a sturdy material to use for pipelines. But being underground with moist and other factors weighing down on it, it’s no surprise it gave out. Concealed piping usually requires removal or permanent construction to gain access to it, so I suggest to go for an alternative to that one. I hope you were able to fix and sort the problem out, William. Take care and good day! :)

Gayle Manning

William said...

Hi Gayle,

Thanks. Indeed you are right. It is sort of false impression to think that copper piping is always good. Quality of material do really count. And I would think that for conceal piping, it is even more important to ensure that only quality material is used. I hope people will find your products to be of good use to them.

Yes, I am a handy man and I am quite successful in fixing problems at home. I have equipment to cut open the concrete wall but the motivation to seal them up after work is a real pain! You take care too!

matthew said...

My wife told me that the gas bill is really more than our usage.I suspect there is gas leakage somewhere.But I dont think i Know how to repair.

William said...

Brother, if you have a sensitive nose, you can sniff it out! Otherwise, during a heavy downpour, look out for bubbles from the ground. How much is your gas bill? It cost us about RM10 per month.