Monday, April 29, 2013

GE13 Photos, Miri

Some photos I took in Miri for GE13...
The above was put up by BN regarding the country's debt. Unfortunately I have to disagree with the way it is presented. It does not mean that at 52%, M'sia won't go bankrupt.
There are other factors which need to be taken into account, eg, is the borrowing for operational or investment purposes? How much reserved has the country got? (I understand M'sia reserve is a miserable amount compared to all the countries listed); etc...
Sorry for this burr photo ... my first! HAHA I hope it doesn't give you headache.
The above poster for Dato Seb is very good. I have to agree that it adequately describes his quality! But alas, don't put that poster on the right lah... it spoils the "clean" look.
Now, after comment by my fb friend, I finally understand! In M'sia, we all said "Ubah", ie, electing party instead of person. So, for the above, you look at the picture, who would you vote? It tried to shift your thinking away from party to personality... psychology!
A picture of Anwar taken during the recent ceramah...
This photo was taken after Dato Seb successfully submitted his nomination paper!

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