Sunday, April 21, 2013

A day after nomination

Sunday, 21-April-2013

In Miri, we don't see much political activities going on. Banners have been placed at roundabout only by BN. This is probably understandable as Dr. Michael Teo of PKR was fielded just 24 hours before nomination.
Eunice Lim is supposed to be fielded for DAP but was pulled out at the last minute.
Everywhere I go, people seems to be talking politics nowadays.
Ok, here is a nice song on transformation Malaysia... enjoy!


lasapka said...

gangnam song still da best

michele said...

hmm.. any idea where i can get a schedule of ceramahs from both political parties? i dont know when and where will the ceramahs be throughout the campaigning period.. i think both sides need to improve their information dissemination to the public, especially in today's modern era.. anyway, good job and keep updating your blog daily on the current election fever in miri. looking forward to the updates :)

matthew said...

Reformasi,malaysia.We got the right to enjoy the natural resources.We got the basic rights of citizens.We want to have better future for our younger generations.We want change.

matthew said...

Pls give me the link.

William said...

Michele, I know that PKR advertise in the paper. If I know, I will post it on my fb.

Yeah ... change for the better or at least we can tell our next generation that we did try!
Matt, what link?

Lasapka, gangnam song already ... "old"