Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fajar International College 2012 Graduation

Fajar International College of Miri held it Graduation Ceremony of 2012 at Marriott Hotel today, 17 Nov 2012.

Altogether, we saw a total of more than 150 students graduating. Many of the students took a diploma course in Occupational Health and Safety. This course is the only one in Sarawak which is certified by DOSH.
Many students also graduated in Accounting/Business Administration course where employ-ability after graduation is highest.
Twining degree courses were also offered.
Congratulations to all students!
As one student put it, after today, it is the start of manhood!
More photos can be viewed at my photography page on my facebook.

(Typo error on the above photo. Correct one is on my fb)


matthew said...

Congratulation to this pro camera brother.

William said...

Thanks, brother Matthew.