Thursday, October 04, 2012

What are they actually selling??

I looked at the label and saw "Thai Style Rice" and without looking at the ingredients, I thought this is Thai Style vermicelli, ie, rice noodle.
They look like reasonably good. So I bought two packs home!
I cooked it two days ago and found that it is tougher than I thought. It is definitely not made from rice. At one point, I thought it is the green pea noodle (东份). It is chewy. So I decided to check the ingredient...
... it is actually made in China and made from corn starch. Not rice at all! How upsetting.
Although honest (I hope) on the label, it includes Sodium polyacrylate which is a super absorbent polymers (sometimes taken to refer to plastic).  Next is Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, which is supposed to be used as laxative.
The last item is Xanthan Gum which seems to be a very interesting. It is widely used as food additive.
Now, I am unsure ....
... can this thing be eaten?! No wonder it has such a foul chemical smell when I opened it.


lasapka said...

Kolo Mee still da best!

William said...

lasapka, agree with you!