Sunday, October 14, 2012

5Cs no more!

The traditional 5Cs that define wealth in Singapore are no longer that relevant today, according to a survey on what people in the city-state strive for in life.

Singaporeans prefer to pursue intangible goals in life such as having a happy family (70 per cent), travelling around the world (52 per cent), and be healthy at a ripe old age (53 per cent).

The traditional Cs — cash, car, credit card, condo and country club membership — that people hoped to achieve in the past are now overshadowed by another set of new Cs made up of non- material possessions.

The new Cs are Control, Confidence, Community, Can and Career.

Some commented that this kind of mentality will cause death  or serious injury or just drop dead all because they have goal!

But on the other hand, without goal, where is the motivation in life?

I would say, the new Cs are quite good but whatever, don't overdo or they really kill!


lasapka said...

Camero, Corvette, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Corsa

William said...

Wah... expensive stuff....

matthew said...

Caring ,concern and calm.