Thursday, May 24, 2012

Learn how to speak kind words...

My late mother advised us all the time to speak gentle and with kind words as it has a lot more power ( 轻声讲重话)! That was when I was very young. She never went to school, cannot read a word but deeply religious. What she said was so true as I search the bible to support her wise words.

Just to share with my readers this morning the wise teaching of proverb:
The heart of the wise makes his speech judicious and adds persuasiveness to his lips. Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. Proverbs 16:23-24 ESV
(智慧人的心教訓他的口,又使他的嘴增長學問。良言如同蜂房,使心覺甘甜,使骨得醫治。箴言 16:23-24)

Click here and you will be amazed to all the wise words. I hope it will spur you to be more gracious with your words.

What prompted me to write this entry is due to a comment by one of my valued readers. That person started off  with "You idiot". I met lots of people (teachers, customers, friends, bosses, students) who swear and speak unkind words all the time. But why people said such unkind words? I believe I can summarised some of them here from all my observations:

1. Bad mood
2. Bad parental role model - monkey see monkey do!
3. Pride - especially with bosses.
4. Unseen and virtual, ie, internet. You will noticed a lot of these on the social network.
5. Bad teaching and bad influence
6. Attention seeker
7. Speak before thinking
8. Emptiness in the heart

So, can we all learn how to speak kind words to each other so that it can build each other up!
Just remember that words badly spoken brought countries to wars and even death to individual. Read this good article here.

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29 ESV


matthew said...

Yes,I strongly support this post.Some people are so easy to say things to defame people.Everybody has the right to live with pride.So,dont hurt people verbally.Nobody is perfect.We seek no perfections but embrace all imperfections to make this life colourful.

William said...

Matthew, thanks! You are absolutely right.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

One good matter where you are..always treat your fellow men the way you would want them to treat you...

timely reminder...we get lots of rude people in Miri and almost every where else.

I do not like the principle "If I don't know you I won't treat you well.." Try the Polyclinic sometimes...check out those in charge. Some are nice...a few are terrible!! Some encounters have been embarrassingly inhuman....
Healing cannot occur in a negative environment...

William said...

CY, you are absolutely right.

I went around soliciting business as part of my marketing job. I have seen many very nice people and so far just one person who is very arrogant. The attitude is sickening.