Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Idromat pump maintenance

I blogged about this Idromat pump earlier saying that it is an useless pump.
I am determined to fix the problem as I believe that the problem could be quite easy to fix.

I dismantled the pump the other day after finding the motor to have jammed up. This can be tested easily by using a screw driver, pop it through a hole (end of motor and a fan is visible through the grill) on the left side of this picture.
The biggest challenge is to remove the three screws as shown above. Honestly I failed to remove them. So I brought it to my mechanic for help. It seems so easy for him!
After removing the cap, I rotated the motor pump mechanism and found that the motor is not stuck. So a faulty bearing is immediately ruled out.
Then I realised that the cap is full of dirt sticking onto the cap. So, I used the screw driver to scrap off all the dirt, put the cap back and found that the motor now has free movement! I connect it to the power and bingo, the pump is now perfect again.
I found that copper or brass is used for the construction of this pump.  This is very good.
To test for the capacitor fault, just power on and check whether the motor attempt to move. If nothing happening, it is high chance that the capacitor is faulty.


matthew said...

very pan dai.

William said...

Matthew, haha... thanks. Survival skill only.