Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Borneo Jazz Photos uploaded

The photos taken by me during the first day of Borneo Jazz public performance on 11-May-2012, Friday, is now on my facebook. Please click here to see all.


Sumon Ahmed said...

Thanks for the Awesome Post.
The post is very interesting to me and I wish I will be Back again to your Blog To read more Post of you.

Thanking you.

matthew said...

This year I missed the jazz.Thanks for the photos uploaded.Good work as you at least let those who could not go for the big event to have a look at the scene.

William said...

Matthew, a real pity! Actually I thought it was quite boring on Friday night. However, on Saturday, I understand that it was very good. But I also couldn't go as I was soooo sleepy after one full day of photo shoot for the golf.