Sunday, April 01, 2012

Disappointing footwear from Bata!

During my younger days, Bata was known to make good quality shoes. Now, the quality has deteriorate so much that they may be worse than those you pay much less. Or is it an issue of poor quality control?
I bought this pair of sandal and used it for about a month. You can see the tear right through the centre...
I went back to the Bata centre and was told that "this batch" received a lot of complain in W.M.
Apparently, I don't get a replacement pair because I think Bata can't afford a "recall". As for me, I think this is the last time I will buy any sandal from Bata. The quality is simply too disappointing.
In another country where consumer's right is strong, they will replace with no question asked.
Do you have similar experience? I made a complain at Bata Facebook and they made no attempt to reply.

Update: Bata did reply to me via their FB after I wrote on their fb wall. Good of them as ignoring complain, whoever is right/wrong is not a good idea.


Ian said...

BATA is the acronym for "Buy And Throw Away" nowadays. How apt.

I buy weird chinese brands at the old town meaning to get cheap throwaway sandals for around the house use, but am still using them 3 years later!

William said...

Ian, that is the way. Why pay more since we are all taking risk now.