Friday, March 09, 2012

You need some encouragement?

I hope by now you know who is Jeremy Lin. Just in case, he is the new NBA basketball hero!
I read this motivational article "Lessons from Lin-sanity" which I thought is very powerful. Click here to read it.
I copied some of the paragraphs I like:

Lin’s favourite quote is ‘suffering produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us.’

There are so many hurdles to realising our dream that without perseverance we will surely fail. Perseverance is required to face failure and to get up to fight another day. Douglas MacMillan writes, “To err is human. But to persevere is a feat that often separates the successful from the mediocre.”

It is not that you fail, which makes you a failure. It is when you stay down, deciding not to get up to try again, that makes you a failure!

Hard work and perseverance is a necessary step to greatness. Great leaders get up early, stay up late, work hard. 

Learning perseverance
Here are some key “perseverance” tips that you can develop to become “Lin-tastic”:
1. Learn never to abandon tasks when faced with obstacles.
2. Approach all tasks and projects with interest and passion. Passion will provide you energy. This will help you to avoid “bouncing” from task to task from lack of interest.
3. Avoid distractions from new ideas and projects not in line with the tasks at hand.
4. Visualise the successful task completion. This ensures you avoid seeing a minor hindrance as a major catastrophe.
5. Engage others to help. This helps you be accountable but enables you to learn new tricks and techniques.
6. Focus on the benefits of completing the task. This generates interest, enthusiasm and energy to accomplish the task.
7. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can make things happen.

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matthew said...

This serves as my guidance to move on.