Friday, March 16, 2012

Meritz Hotel, Miri

A landmark new hotel, the Meritz Hotel, was opened for business on 15th March 2012. The main attractions of this hotel:
1. Dinning is at the 15th floor which gave the guest a splendid view of Miri.
2. Atrium area (I think there is one atrium area every 3 floor) is provided which span three floors. This provide the guest an area to rest or simply to enjoy themselves.
3. Swimming pool is on the 8th floor.
4. The check-in area is very specious and directly linked to Parkson.
5. Special offer of RM160 nett per room including breakfast for two until October.
6. 291 rooms
I think it has the largest air conditioned indoor ballroom in Miri which can accommodate 2000.

This hotel is fully booked on opening!

For more photos, click here.


matthew said...

The first picture is so fantastic.Reflection?

William said...

No, I think that name is using back light to give 3D effect.

amirul said...

i stayed in this hotel last weekend. all i can say is...SUPERB!! MARVELOUS!!!! It's definitely a new landmark in Miri.