Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fake or Real. Can you tell?

Lately, I heard of people buying iPhone and was conned. What they got could be just toy, simply fake or used.

This morning, a certain bird nest exporter from Miri told me about the ban by China of all Malaysian bird nest except those canned. The newspaper reported that one of the reasons could be fake bird nest from Malaysia! 

This gentleman frequented China and he told me that in China there are fake chicken wing being served, fake kangkong, fake eggs, rotten meat made into delicacies, etc. I knew of someone who bought a bagful of beef tendon from China which turned out to be made of nylon (plastic)!

He further told me that the worse are those stops made by tourist buses cos everyone earned a commission! Prices are double those of the real stuff. Worse, fake clothing passed off as real branded stuff looks good only once. When washed, they crumble and looked like preserved veggie (as he described it)!

So, watch out!

Just in case you wanted to buy bird nest, click here to find out more, especially how to differentiate a fake and a real one.


wenn said...

sometimes it's difficult to differentiate them..

William said...

wenn, you are absolutely correct! That is why they are doing good business.

lasapka said...

well..ppl learned from them for producing fake stuffs. what more to say? I wonder if there are fake china dolls in town nowadays. lolz

William said...

lasapka, yes, fake people! See what my ex colleague had to say on my facebook.