Friday, January 20, 2012

Food to eat and not to eat during CNY

I just realised that you should not eat ...
...  bitter gourd, or anything known to be bitter!

It is  believed that if you eat bitter foods (the Mandarin words for bitter has the same sound as the Mandarin word for suffering), your life in the coming year will be full of trials and tribulations.
The food you should serve on the table is  fish as the Mandarin word for fish “yu” is a homophone for the Mandarin word “abundance”. Fish is best to be served whole, with head and tail, this signifies a whole year’s worth of prosperity, from beginning to the end.
ok, so much about "sound like" Chinese words. Definitely 88 is good plus a 99 is even better. This sound like prospering forever!
Haha... crab! Don't believe the above but just work hard and be healthy to be happy and prosperous. Ask God to bless you and family and pray always.
May God bless your Chinese New Year. If you drive, be safe and arrive safely.


lasapka said...

it's not about the food. it's about the beer....yeah!

William said...

yeah...more beer but please don't drive after that.