Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Drug Free Hi Blood Pressure Control

As usual, I walked at the Bulatan Park and met up with my walking buddy. He is concerned with his rounded tummy where he can't seem to get it flatten. So, I recommended my earlier remedy by walking and elevating the  heartbeat up! Then he went back and went through the internet. He found something interesting. Like squatting to elevate the heartbeat. Then he also said that one Chinese doctor has been massaging three pressure points, cycling and breathing.
Talking about breathing, it was found that it can also control high blood pressure. It was reason that the body automatically response to poor oxygen level in the blood by pumping out more blood. Simple logic is to increase the pressure... so there goes high blood pressure. Now, don't believe me, go to google and enter the key words "High Blood Pressure Breathing" and you will get load of information.
Here is my evidence:
Before I started my breathing, it was 135/90. After breathing exercise for one minute, it drop to the above!
This seems to work even if you are currently on drug. So, if you have HiBP, try it. If you have no HiBP, try it anyway because slow breathing is good for you.

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