Tuesday, December 27, 2011

7 resolutions for 2012 to keep fit

1. I will manage stress better
2. Every time I eat, half my plate will be veggies
3. I will do things to sleep better
4. I will watch less TV, and surf less internet
5. I will train 30 mins at least 3x per week
6. I will take care of my soft tissue
7. I will eat more home-cooked food

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TZ said...

Good resolution :)

suituapui said...

I will pray...that God will bless us all with good health and peace of mind in the coming year...

lasapka said...

and...get yourself a proper jogging shoe to the bulatan park.

Matthew said...

and plant your own vege.

William said...

TZ: For everyone to follow also. Then parks will be full of people.

STP: Pray with action also.

lasapka: Haha...maybe I will go bare foot.

Matthew, I think so. Heard that a church member no longer need to buy veggie as she planted plenty!