Saturday, November 19, 2011

Your next step ...

UPSR (sixth year) results were released only yesterday and I saw many parents anxious to register their children  for their choice secondary school. I think they are driven by circumstances because the national education system is like a yoyo when deciding on the language to be used for the medium of education. I was told that it is now reverting back to English for science and maths subjects.
So what is your choice now? Riam Road Secondary School is now flooded with parents since Friday as their school is probably the only one who is firm on using English as the main medium.
Form 5 students just started their exam this week and I was approached by many students on what/where to study! I can safely say that if you intend to go overseas, and you know what you want to study, look for a university who is offering foundation. For example, Leeds University started their foundation in January and in September next year, you start university year one. In three years, you will be graduating at the age of 20/21! Amazing! Cost wise, I recommend UK as they are currently the cheapest. Don't believe me? Do your own arithmetic.


reanaclaire said...

Hey William, I think you are very experienced in counting costs if they want to study in UK... my son also told me UK is the cheapest so far..

William said...

Claire, your son is absolutely right:
Ball part figures: Tuition fees about GBP13K/year, 3 years to degree is about GBP40K=RM200K.
Other expenses: GBP6K a year=30Kx3=90K
Whole lot: about RM300K.
Like Janice, my 3rd daughter, she work 20hours/week and she made about GBP160/week, legally. In another word, if one is lucky, you only pay tuition! Medical is free.

William said...

By the way, for other countries other than UK, there are a whole lot of fees that you need to pay on top of the tuition fees - exam fees, library fees per semester, union fees, medical fees, etc. Read the small prints.

james said...

how about australian universities?closer to home, and a lot of twinning programmes with malaysian institutions

William said...

Twinning could be good and cheap for local to get a foreign degree. But be careful because the degree may not be recognised in the offering country. For example, if you take 2+1 UK twinning in Pharmacy in a famous KL private uni, the degree is not recognised because they need a min of 2 years studies in UK. So, many ended up doing master.
I suggest you always check the cost of fees before assuming that twinning is cheaper. You probably only save on living expenses.
I may be biased but I always felt that local twinning programmes are inferior due to facilities and experienced lecturers.
Australian universities are now generally more expensive because of exchange rate and 4 years to get a degree. I know that for medical, it cost twice as much in Aus.
I always heard parents talking about Aus being closer to home. I bought a one way ticket for all my children and told them to stay on during holiday, work and travel. During the first year, it could be miserable but eventually, they don't mind. So, being closer to home has little advantage considering the convenience of travel nowadays.