Saturday, October 08, 2011

Trees growing too big?

Wonder why there is a massive traffic jam from Lutong to Miri at the moment? The local authority is currently busy chopping down massive trees between Pujut 8 and 7.
Safety concious in carrying out the job is simply not there.
They are also bringing in heavy equipment to do the job!
Huge trees were being chopped down. The local authority is spending lots of money to plant them, maintain them and finally spending money  to have them removed.
Very soon, this segment of road will be bared of trees! A real pity!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

What a real pity!! I love to see lots of trees...There should be a better plan in growing trees.

Anonymous said...

Where do they throw away those tree trunks & stumps. I wonder what are they are doing the. Just throw them away? I wish the contractor cut those trunks & stump into short pieces and offer to anyone who are willy to get them for firewood or some other use.

William said...

I think the authority need to chop the trees down due to the road expansion.

Tree trunks were left in the road divider. Go there and pick some up ... for bbq