Monday, October 24, 2011


Tonight thunderstorm lasted for almost one hour. Ah Jon could see all the lightning streaking across the sky from his room. So I gave him the challenge to capture the lightning! If he could get one good one, he will make RM5 from me. Looks like he managed to get this nice one after some 20 tries! See that the lightning actually went across the sky!
Camera setting:
ISO: 125 F (A):7.1 EV:+0.7 Shutter speed (S): B (This means that you need to press the shutter release and wait for lightning to strike!) Mode: Manual. EV is not strictly necessary. I forgot to mention that the focus must be on manual also. Focus it to a distance lightning and then mount it on a tripod.


Philip said...

A very impressive image!

Matthew said...

The work of you or your boy?This is fantastic.

William said...

Philip, thanks.

Matthew, shot by my boy. I have no time.