Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My shopping experience

The market is now flooded with products made in China. Some are of reasonable quality and some are simply badly made. Yet the prices can be very close, or in fact, expensive!
First, I changed the braking switch for my car. It cost RM28 for a switch. Every time I pressed the brake paddle, it made that "click" sound. We all thought that it was good. The thing looks solid. But it lasted for only 3 days! I was told that an original unit would have costed >RM200.
Last few days, I went to every known office supplies shop or stationary shop in Miri looking for a cutter...
The price ranges from RM62 to RM100+. Mostly, the base is made from a piece of thin plywood. The last stop was Popular and to my surprised, the sales person told us that the last unit has been sold! By chance, we saw one unit on the shelf... exactly what I was looking for, a 7 inch cutter with a steel base. The price was RM45 and with a borrowed discount card, the price went down by 10% to RM40.50!
So, it pays to shop around. Especially in Miri, don't just pay for any item with any price stuck on it.

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matthew said...

Fyi,I also bought a correction tape.I tried using it once I reached my office.But to my shock,the tape broke after I used it.Can you imagine?MIC.Made In China?